The 2016 Bowman Lecture Conjunctival curses: scarring conjunctivitis 30 years on

It is a great privilege to have been asked to give this lecture and I am very grateful to the Scientific Committee of the College for inviting me to undertake it. I am going to discuss the results of 25 years of studies both collaborating with, and supported by, a large number of colleagues, including scientists and clinicians and patients.
I will use our studies in the context of the available evidence base to describe the causes and diagnosis of cicatrising conjunctivitis (CC) and follow this with a review of mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP), which is the most common cause in developed countries. I hope that what I have to say about a group of diseases that is challenging

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Professor Dart expressed his gratitude to those Pem Friends who participated and continue to participate in his research.